SMS Interoperability Solution

Message Delivery – Failure is Not an Option

Syniverse SMS Interoperability Solution is an SMS gateway service that handles the difficulties of your business and technical relationships, so you can provide your subscribers a seamless, transparent messaging experience across both geographic and technological borders. Plus it ensures accurate routing, and offers real-time mobile number portability in North America. By using our SMS Interoperability Solution you can:

  • Generate revenue – subscribers can originate messages to other networks, driving up usage and customer satisfaction
  • Save on costs – receive the latest technology without an upfront infrastructure investment
  • Capitalize on our interoperability expertise
  • Receive full support thanks to our 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week monitoring and Syniverse Customer Support

Capitalize on Global Reach & Interoperability

Syniverse SMS Interoperability Solution offers a state-of-the-art, fully redundant, operator-grade call processing platform hosted in a service bureau environment. Additionally, it offers global reach, leveraging Syniverse’s position as one of two points for all SS7 international traffic into the United States. Additional capabilities include:

  • Real-time message delivery among various technologies and differing maximum message length requirements
  • Filtering and spam controls
  • Reporting, online management tools and delivery confirmation

Our SMS Interoperability Solution takes advantage of our position as a leading text messaging aggregator to solve the many challenges associated with SMS management and help you ensure that failing to deliver a message is never an option.

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