Roaming Management Services (RMS)

Easy Access to Important Information

Using RMS, you'll have access to the information you need via a centralized data and document repository that can be queried and used for business intelligence when managing your roaming partner relationships. This knowledge base of information, plus our state-of-the art online portal, CrossroadsSM, provides a central point of access to important information, documents, alert messaging and management. With RMS, we make mobile work so you can:

  • Organize roaming documents and data securely in an easily accessible centralized repository
  • Simplify AA.14 management and put historical data at your fingertips for quick data analysis
  • Facilitate data mining for strategic roaming management decision making
  • Improve resource efficiency
  • Eliminate customer service errors through web-enabled tools
  • Improve internal communication, giving every RMS user instant access to the most recent roaming partner AA.14 through our alert manager tool
  • Enable compliance to the industry-mandated RAEX format for AA.14
  • Lower costs with its test SIM tracking capabilities

More Efficiency, More Roaming Revenue

This flexible solution is designed with features that will help increase your roaming revenue through better planning, reporting, monitoring and analysis. RMS includes:

  • RAEX – Syniverse’s proprietary RMS graphical user interface provides flexible options for AA.14 data. You can upload it in the XML file format and/or directly enter it into the RMS database as specified in the GSMA permanent reference documents.
  • A roaming agreement management data repository that provides centralized storage for AA.14s and contains a fully populated AA.14 data repository of all your roaming partners’ AA.14 data.
  • An alert manager that provides the flexibility to designate recipients within your company to receive important alerts related to your roaming partners’ AA.14 updates and revisions.
  • A document repository that securely stores electronic copies of all your original and updated roaming agreement documents (including IR21s, bilateral agreements, emails and coverage maps) and alerts your internal colleagues of newly received roaming agreement documents within minutes of uploading those documents in RMS.
  • Test SIM tracking that manages test SIM usage both at home and in visited markets.

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