Roaming Data Analysis - Visibility® Services

Visibility® enhances efficiency and accelerates bottom-line results. Other benefits include:

  • Streamlines operations
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Reduces churn and helps retain high-value customers
  • Increases roaming revenue
  • Critical network monitoring functions

Visibility® provides access to real-time roaming activity, helping operators solve roaming issues for inbound and outbound subscribers. We make mobile work with a solution that was founded on network monitoring driving critical functions such as:

  • Subscriber/Visitor reporting – provides a detailed view of activity by end point to determine where your users are roaming and where the roamers on your network are coming from and how they are using the services
  • Unique roamer analysis (URA) – displays near real-time roaming data for a specific subscriber including data from GSM SS7 MAP and CAP, Diameter and GTP-C for GSM networks, ANSI-41 SS7, Signaling Solutions, Global Interstandard Roaming (UniRoam®), and CDMA Mobile Data Roaming (MDR) for CDMA networks; or Diameter and GTP-C for LTE networks
  • Subscriber Care Tool – gives operators a quick status and customer care tool for expanding the benefits of real-time information on call status to more users without requiring advanced knowledge and expertise on SS7 signaling

Solve Issues Proactively

Visibility Proactive (VisProactive) allows you to proactively identify and fix a roaming problem before an event or trend has significant impact. Based on operator-defined preferences, this feature:

  • Proactively analyzes roaming data
  • Identifies operator-specific anomalies
  • Intelligently alerts you of critical events impacting subscribers

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