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Are Roaming Fraud Charges Affecting Your Bottom Line?

With Syniverse DataNet, you won’t need to wait long for high usage reports (HURs) while fraud losses accumulate. This fraud detection solution will:

  • Reduce the delivery time of fraud-related roaming information from the visited public mobile network (VPMN) to the home public mobile network (HPMN) from 36 hours with HURs to four hours or less with NRTRDE
  • Provide individual call detail record (CDR) information in a form that allows you to cost-effectively manage roaming fraud
  • Exceed the stringent standards set by the GSM Association (GSMA) in its NRTRDE guidelines and guarantee full compliance with GSMA

Syniverse DataNet ensures that roaming data records used to spot fraudulent behavior are exchanged between roaming partners as quickly as possible. Other Syniverse DataNet features include:

  • Data mediation
  • Input record separation, translation and delivery
  • Transmission media – Syniverse DataNet uses your choice of any IP connectivity (GRX, VPN, direct link)
  • Interface with other NRTRDE vendors
  • Support for all call record types
  • File format – We developed TD.35 and support it and any other standard developed for NRTRDE
  • Support for file transfer monitoring and reporting
  • Flexible file (data) transmission frequency based on a customer’s requirements
  • Error reporting
  • Service level agreements
  • Activity and traffic reports

This award-winning solution also provides near real-time fraud reports for HPMNs that wish to continue receiving HUR reports in full compliance with GSMA PRD FF.04: High Usage Report Format and Contents.

As roaming charges continue on a downward trend, the increased traffic from new subscribers will make roaming fraud more difficult to identify and resolve. With Syniverse DataNet, you have roaming fraud protection that will help you stay ahead of fraudsters and protect your revenue base.

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