Mobile Video Broadcast Service

Syniverse is the Mobile Video Interoperability Expert:
P2P Communication as Easy as Sending SMS

Syniverse provides the first mobile video communications solution that is fully interoperable across platforms and networks with Syniverse Mobile Video Broadcast Service. This solution:

  • Enables end users with the Syniverse video broadcast client to send live video to mobile handsets, PCs and social networks
  • Delivers rich, live P2P communication as easily as sending an SMS text message
  • Connects mobile, cable and web devices with a multi-standard platform
  • Enhances subscriber satisfaction by enabling users to broadcast live video to nearly anyone, anywhere in the world, who has a 3G or 4G mobile device or PC

Embrace the Next Era of Mobile Communications:
Create New Mobile Revenue

As video becomes more and more pervasive as the go-to form of mobile communication, operators can greatly benefit from the increased revenue and customer satisfaction it will bring. This solution:

  • Offsets growing costs by adding a valuable service that maximizes your mobile data network capabilities and reduces churn
  • Offers quick access to a new mobile revenue stream through fast time to market and minimal integrations
  • Enables you to gain the revenue associated with reaching on-network, off-network, PC-based users and social network users
  • Optimizes your mobile networks by making dynamic bit rate and quality adjustments based on available network bandwidth

With a 20-year legacy of solving the interoperability and interworking complexities of mobile media and messaging, Syniverse is prepared to take you to the next era in mobile - mobile video communications.

Syniverse Chief Marketing Officer Janet Roberts discusses the company’s new mobile video communications offering.

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Joni Blecher, editorial director of, demonstrates the new Mobile Video Broadcast solution from Syniverse.

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Mobile Video Broadcast Service

Joni Blecher, editorial director of Let’s, demonstrates new mobile video broadcast service from Syniverse.