Messaging Trust Service

Your Solution to Spam

Syniverse Messaging Trust Service provides a more precise method of detecting spammers by analyzing the content in SMS/MMS traffic and preventing spam from terminating on your network. It performs immediate message analysis, and delivers additional benefits, such as:

  • Decreases costs
  • Enables you to accurately and proactively monitor and remove identified spam
  • Prevents re-initiation of known spam campaigns under new telephone numbers
  • Boosts subscriber satisfaction by preventing the delivery of spam

Reliable Fraud Protection

This service protects you from fraudulent messages with known SMiShing/malicious content elements. By detecting, flagging and blocking spam messages, Messaging Trust Service:

  • Generates new SMS spam signatures/fingerprints
  • Categorizes spammers according to campaigns, originating countries, behavior, etc.
  • Learns subscriber usage patterns
  • Uses a combination of filters to identify suspicious elements in messages
  • Offers user-level control for spam protection
  • Provides web-based graphical daily reports

Put an end to spam with this accurate, reliable service that leverages Syniverse’s more than 25-year track record in delivering innovative, revenue-assuring mobile solutions.

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