Managed Steering of Roaming

Boost Roaming Margins

Direct, or steer, your roamers onto preferred networks with Syniverse Managed Steering of Roaming so you can:

  • Keep your customers satisfied by monitoring quality of service so they can have the highest quality roaming experiences
  • Reduce your spending because your roamers always will be on the network charging the lowest roaming tariffs
  • Improve roaming margins
  • Optimize roaming business

With Syniverse Managed Steering of Roaming, you can save on:

  • Outbound roaming IOT costs
  • Upfront CAPEX
  • Maintenance costs
  • Operating costs
  • Infrastructure costs for launching new services with the solution’s intelligent network platform

This solution also reduces churn and increases outbound roamers’ satisfaction because you can provide high-quality roaming experiences with real-time control of quality of service. Additionally, it helps you increase your revenue because you can negotiate better IOT rates, which:

  • Guarantees your network receives a certain level of roaming traffic
  • Makes partnering with you more attractive to other operators because you can guarantee certain levels of traffic on your roaming partners’ networks, increasing their revenue

Syniverse Managed Steering of Roaming is your mobile solution to manage your roamers, enhance roaming margins and optimize your global roaming business.

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