Managed Steering of Roaming

Benefits of Syniverse Cloud-Based Managed Steering of Roaming

  • The solution minimizes investment required to operate a precise, highly flexible and highly reliable traffic steering solution by enabling you to do this:
    • Avoid upfront capital expenditures and ongoing maintenance costs
    • Get to market quicker to accelerate ROI
    • Onboard or remove member companies easily
    • Introduce further value-added services seamlessly

  • A dependable steering solution is critical to influencing roaming profitability:
    • Enables significant outbound roaming interoperator tariff cost reductions for voice and data, with up to a 40 percent increase in improvement
    • Increases outbound roamers’ satisfaction through real-time control of quality of service
    • Provides compatibility with LTE technology

This solution also reduces churn and increases outbound roamers’ satisfaction because you can provide high-quality roaming experiences with real-time control of quality of service. In addition, the solution offers these capabilities:

  • Provides cost efficiencies through bundling with other core services
  • Allows easy adoption by mobile operator groups

Steer your roamers to your preferred partners with a solution designed to be less costly, more flexible, easier to implement, and fully LTE-compatible: Syniverse Managed Steering of Roaming.

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