Managed Services

Customized Roaming Services and Strategies

Syniverse Managed Services increase your profitability and productivity and heightens the capabilities of your roaming department. We can provide you with a variety of capabilities to help improve the performance of your roaming operations, including:

  • A full roaming department
  • Roaming coordination
  • End-to-end roaming management
  • On-the-job training
  • Customized training courses
  • Global roaming agreement management
  • IREG and TADIG testing
  • Quality monitoring of roaming services

LTE Roaming Training

Managed Services also offer highly professional LTE Roaming Training courses to ensure cross-functional teams within your organization have the information they need to help take LTE roaming to market more effectively. The courses are delivered by Syniverse in partnership with Mpirical, an organization at the forefront of business and performance improvement.

Benefits include:

  • Maximize your ROI for LTE roaming and control costs by increasing efficiencies
  • Boost subscriber satisfaction and protect your brand by ensuring seamless migration
  • Increase revenue by driving LTE data roaming usage
  • Achieve an advantage over the competition with in-house LTE roaming expertise

Courses include:

  • Mobile Broadband for the Next Generation
  • LTE From End to End
  • Understanding LTE and IMS Operation
  • LTE Protocols, Procedures and Roaming
  • IMS Operation and LTE Roaming

Read more about Syniverse LTE Training.

Quality Monitoring

Syniverse offers two new quality monitoring services: ProQuality and QualityDesk. These services bring dedicated attention to monitoring and improve the quality of service your customers and visitors receive while roaming.

  • The ProQuality team can offer 24x7 monitoring capabilities to quickly identify issues by utilizing multiple sources of technical information, including passive and active tools
  • The QualityDesk team is comprised of seasoned roaming engineers who receive roaming-related troubleshooting tickets and drive them to resolution

Whatever the task, we have the flexibility to meet your individual needs. We have your complete roaming solution with Syniverse Managed Services.

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