MMS Interoperability Solution for IP

Message Enable Wireline Phone Numbers

Syniverse MMS Interoperability Solution for IP provides MMS routing, interoperability, translations and management across technologies for ubiquitous messaging services among IP-based providers and mobile operators. The interoperator messaging abilities of MMS Interoperability Solution for IP:

  • Solve the complexities of the many relationships
  • Generate revenue
  • Save costs
  • Include world-renowned service and reliability
  • Leverage interoperability expertise

Interoperability across Networks

IP-originated message routing combines SIP and VPN functionality with Syniverse routing and conversion capabilities to provide interoperability services that allow a subscriber to originate a message on one network and send it to a subscriber on a different network, using the phone number of the destination subscriber as the address of the MMS. Features include:

  • A single destination to send all off-network MMSs to obtain interoperability among designated CDMA and GSM operators.
  • A state-of-the-art, operator-grade call-processing platform hosted in a service-bureau environment.
  • Customizable filtering to protect customers from unwanted messages.
  • Real-time message processing instead of batch message delivery.

Syniverse has built its position of industry leadership on the ability to simplify and add value to the many-to-many relationships existing in the mobile, wireline and IP marketplace. As a trusted third party and through strategic partnerships with established players in the market, Syniverse is uniquely positioned to provide full connectivity in the mobile, IP and fixed-line services marketplace.

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