MMS Interoperability

New Services, New Revenue, Minimal Investment

Our MMS Interoperability Solution can create an expanded revenue stream as a core component of your mobile data services, and help you quickly enable new services without major investments in hardware, software or personnel. In addition, our MMS Interoperability Solution will:

  • Simplify the management of your business and technical interconnect relationships, including reporting and settlement, as well as establishing, testing and maintaining multiple connections
  • Provide you with a broad domestic U.S. and international reach through a single connection

By using our MMS Interoperability Solution, you can eliminate the lengthy process of engineering and building interoperability with your roaming partners one by one. You also won’t need to deal with special implementations and the difficulties of working with multiple MMSC vendors. You’ll find that our MMS Interoperability Solution can:

  • Handle the message to ensure MM4 interoperability
  • Comply with 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards
  • Support audio and video cross-technology transcoding
  • Offer operator-grade reliability and redundancy
  • Provide near real-time reporting of messaging activity down to the subscriber level, which can be instrumental in troubleshooting scenarios
  • Provide automatic North America LNP lookup before routing the message
  • Provide strong network security as well as full spam and virus protection

MMS interoperability not only increases your revenues, but it also generates customer satisfaction as subscribers can easily send and receive mobile data.

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