LRN Query Service - INPort

Multiple Ways to Save on Expenses

Our INPort® Query Service is an SS7/IP intelligent network-based service that provides LRN queries and ported number translations. The service can help you:

  • Reduce capital investment – Buying a LSMS/NPDM system drains capital resources from other projects that have a more significant impact on growth and profitability
  • Minimize operating costs – Pay only for the number of LNP queries you actually need
  • Reduce operating expenses – Avoid LEC default routing charges while improving reliability
  • Reduce headcount requirements – Our staff of LNP, SS7 and IP experts means you don’t need to hire people with this rare skill set
  • Meet mandated requirements for supporting calls to ported numbers

Capturing the North American Market

Our INPort® LRN Query Service enables complete North American market coverage from a single source, offering access to data from one of the industry’s largest number portability databases with data from all Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) regions. It also simplifies LNP implementation and operations by utilizing a single service bureau source. In addition, it:

  • Supports queries from all major North American switch types and protocols, including IN, AIN, IS-41 and PCS 1900 for GSM
  • Provides 10-digit global title translation for routing of line information database (LIDB) and calling name (CNAM) information
  • Leverages existing networks with SS7/IP connectivity for our other services such as ISUP, CNAM, LIDB access and signaling transport for roaming

INPort® LRN Query Service facilitates launching LRN queries to all LNP databases. It also includes a local service management system that can interface with all NPACs to provide U.S. and Canadian coverage.

Provide complete calls while offering number portability services with our INPort LRN Query Service.

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