Interconnect Services

Interconnect Security, Reliability, Efficiency

Our clearing house gives you access to roaming and interconnect experts and interoperator services that no off-the-shelf solution can deliver. As a result, you can:

  • Avoid major expenses for interconnect training, added personnel, off-the-shelf systems, licensing fees, hardware and maintenance
  • Achieve smooth interconnect implementation, whether you are a startup or established operator, by relying on our expertise in interconnect technology, systems integration, business requirements and regulatory agreements

Full Service Operation

We provide all the services and support that you need to handle interconnect partner interactions, including:

  • Call detail record input with no specific input format required, and complete conversion, formatting and verification before processing
  • Reference data and tariff maintenance with intra-country zoning analysis, procedures for reference data or tariff changes, and creation and implementation of tariff models
  • Processing and rating with our unique number portability database, error analysis and handling, continuous number checking, timely and flexible reprocessing capabilities, and secure storage of rated calls for invoicing, reconciliation and reporting
  • Invoicing, reconciliation and reporting with easy online access, standard or customized reports, and advanced invoicing and settlement tools
  • System development and security based on our active GSMA participation, DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management, and world-class failover, backup and data protection capabilities

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