Intercarrier Communications (ICC) Clearing House Solution - INPort®

Generate Revenue and Attract New Customers

Our single connection solution combines the Telcordia™ Service Management Gateway for WNP software with our network and interconnection facilities to create a unique way to issue porting requests and responses. It’s an integrated solution that simplifies the implementation and management of WNP by providing flow-through automation that expedites number porting. INPort ICC Clearing House eliminates the need to maintain dedicated circuits to multiple porting partners while also:

  • Simplifying WNP implementation and operations with a single delivery point for ICC messages
  • Eliminating expenses and management issues associated with connecting to multiple porting partners
  • Enabling compliance with the industry’s 30-minute ICC target and intercarrier testing standards set for the intercarrier communications process (ICP)
  • Using an independent third party for clearing house services
  • Simplifying reporting and administration with our secure web infrastructure, CrossroadsSM
  • Offering 24 hours a day, seven days a week Syniverse Customer Support and network monitoring
  • Capitalizing on the expertise of Telcordia Technologies, Inc. by using its Service Management Gateway for WNP software, a flexible, high-performance platform

Minimize Your Capital Investment and Operational Expenses

Using a “three-layer” approach that includes application, network and administration components, our INPort ICC Clearing House easily supports the specific requirements of WNP intercarrier communications. Its powerful reporting and analysis tools give you the information you need to reduce your upfront costs and streamline your operations. Plus, you don’t need to worry about impending deadlines when you choose a service bureau provider like Syniverse.

For operators seeking a total solution to porting, we also offer our ICC Clearing House integrated with our Service Order Activation system.

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