Global Number Portability Solution

Number Portability: A Competitive Differentiator

Syniverse’s Mobile Number Portability solution can simplify the complexities of meeting any country’s mobile number portability requirements for fixed and mobile services for all publicly available telephone networks. One way we make mobile work is through our mobile number portability service, which:

  • Supports portability mandates required by the government for number porting and is quickly adaptable to each country’s unique mobile number portability requirements
  • Reduces up-front capital investment through a hosted solution
  • Minimizes operating costs: 1) platform management is outsourced to us, 2) payment is required only for the amount of porting carried out, and 3) our expertise eliminates the need to employ people with the rare mobile number portability skill set
  • Leverages our worldwide experience
  • Has a simple, easy-to-use manual interface that speeds implementation and reduces training costs while a powerful, flexible automated interface reduces overall costs and increases flow-through to operator legacy systems
  • Provides access to extensive training

Simplifying the Process

This full service bureau offering uses all the latest technologies and supports all administrative portability process flows (port in, port out, disconnect ported number, return ported number). Interoperator messaging and a central database are united in a single application for fewer errors and simpler processes. It also uses quality services and support to “blue-chip” clients, supplying high availability for mission-critical business systems. Using our NP service you’ll have:

  • Powerful reporting and analysis tools via web-based NP management
  • 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week customer service in a variety of languages
  • A disaster recovery facility
  • Training and testing facilities that provide an isolated training environment and a pre-production platform for testing
  • Multiple interfaces (SOAP1.1, WSDL, machine-to-machine interface, web-based HTML user interface, primary access via Internet, fallback access via ISDN)
  • A role-based security model with configurable and extensible role definitions, fine-grain access to facilities based upon role and user, and VPN access to the mobile number portability system

When faced with impending deadlines for government-required portability mandates, operators who choose a service bureau service such as our mobile number portability solution will have peace of mind knowing the job will be completed properly and on time.

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