GRX Network Solution - INPack

Seamless Accessibility

INPack SM GRX is our General Packet Radio Service Roaming Exchange (GRX) offering for GPRS. Using INPack GRX, your subscribers will have seamless access to their data network while they roam nationally and internationally, regardless of your roaming partner’s GRX network provider. INPack GRX also:

  • Is the predominant GRX provider in North America
  • Provides the opportunity to increase your ARPU and roaming revenue
  • Offers secure and reliable data transport 
  • Provides you with global reach via a single connection point to our secure IP network
  • Integrates with our mobile data roaming solution, allowing one network to be used for all of your mobile data roaming needs
  • Positions your network for future IP solutions
  • Offers a smooth transition to 3G technology
  • Is upgradable to the MPLS network (class of service, quality of service), which enables IPX, the next-generation network including voice, video and data


INPack GRX is a secure network using the latest IP security methods of IPSec and 3 DES encryption. In addition to data roaming, GPRS also can be the network access and transport mechanism for multiple traffic types, e.g., C7 or SS7 messages, MMS, SMS, ENUM and CDRs. INPack GRX also offers:

  • A number of network solution sets, such as point-to-point circuits, IP-managed circuits or Internet VPN
  • A root domain name service for the .gprs domain
  • Network monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure service level agreements are met and/or exceeded
  • Trouble isolation, referral and escalation to all customers and interconnecting networks
  • Online reporting tools
  • Data roaming monetization services


INPack GRX is part of a suite of mobile solutions we offer mobile operators, Internet content providers and wireless application service providers (WASPs). This suite of integrated services bridges the technical and business gaps between mobile operators and Internet content providers so subscribers worldwide can enjoy the benefits of convenient wireless IP services. It’s another way we make mobile work.

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