Financial Settlement Services for CDMA

Reliable Settlement Support

Our Financial Settlement Services are supported by our Syniverse ACCESS® data clearing house for CDMA, fully integrated to support both net and non-net activity that includes voice, data and SMS, and are Sarbanes Oxley and ISO 9000 compliant. It positions you to:

  • Reduce overhead and save time with automated adjustment
  • Benefit from transparent, comprehensive financial reporting
  • Avoid the need to open and maintain shared accounts with members, thanks to our use of a single clearing account

Find the CDMA Settlement Services You Need

Our integrated settlement platform allows you to choose among our full range of net and non-net settlement services for your cash transactions, including:

  • Financial Net Settlement
  • Consolidation of all your roaming partner transactions into one monthly payment per partner
  • Automatic feeds from ACCESS
  • Reporting that tracks settlements from start to finish
  • Online adjustment to eliminate the risk of error
  • Dual participation support
  • Targeted notifications based on your contacts and escalation preferences

Invoice & Accounting

  • Automated net and non-net feeds from ACCESS
  • Information at SID level
  • Tracking and aging of accounts payable/receivable
  • Time-saving features, including:
    • Mass invoicing and check requests
    • Mass adjustments
    • All invoice and accounting features are performed by a Syniverse team dedicated to your business

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