ENUM Services

Reliable Routing

Syniverse’s ENUM Services return portability-corrected uniform resource identifiers (URIs) for routing calls or messages to the correct operator. This DNS database service is only accessible to operators that register URIs. Using our ENUM Services can help you:

  • Cut costs by bringing signaling for IP-based services (such as MMS and IMS) in band, and by acquiring updated and customized routing information in a timely manner
  • Reduce complexity by transparently utilizing SS7 queries when necessary – all queries are ENUM and in band
  • Reduce capital investment by enabling you to use a high performance ENUM query engine without the expense of buying and operating private ENUM servers
  • Minimize operating costs by paying only for the number of queries required

Simplified ENUM Implementation

Our global ENUM Services can be used for VoIP, MMS and SMS. It simplifies ENUM implementation and operations by using our single service bureau source. With ENUM you have:

  • Complete North American market coverage from a single source, offering IP services access to number portability-corrected data from all Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) regions
  • Global number resolution for GSM destinations
  • Transparent creation of SS7 queries to determine number ownership for international GSM destinations. Our ENUM Services return the proper URI, hiding the complexity of the SS7 queries from the IP-based service
  • Customized responses based on the interconnect relationship particular to the requesting operator, ensuring custom routing without the need to manipulate the response
  • Support for customized views on a per-operator, per-interworking agreement basis, allowing you to determine the most efficient transport route for delivering the IP session or message
  • Our advanced network operations center to monitor our network and database services, better ensuring continued service reliability
  • Access to our staff of qualified, in-house technicians, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

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