Diameter Signaling Service

Increase Roaming Efficiencies

Diameter Signaling Service helps you reduce costs, optimize your network and increase roaming revenue. It also enables you to increase efficiency within your roaming business by:

  • Simplifying roaming partner management through SCTP Association Simplification, requiring you to manage only two SCTP associations to Syniverse instead of 1-2 per roaming partner.
  • Enabling you to manage traffic to and from your LTE core network by throttling the volume of Diameter Request traffic during high peak periods so your network does not experience overload situations.
  • Normalizing and modifying Diameter messages between you and your roaming partners.

Your Single Transfer Point for Simplified Routing

Diameter Signaling Service also serves as your single transfer point for simplified and efficient data network routing. Other features include:

  • Centralized route resolution
  • Security and topology hiding
  • Diameter mediation
  • IMSI resolution
  • Integration with Syniverse Real-Time Intelligence tools
  • Global reach through expanding IPX network

This service leverages one of Syniverse’s core strengths: enabling signaling routing and interoperability. For the past 25 years, we have provided major roaming signaling, hubbing, network and interoperability solutions for SS7 to C7, CDMA to GSM, and now 2G/3G to LTE. Additionally, our signaling experts took part in writing the LTE roaming industry standards for Diameter and IPX, further illustrating that our expertise in this area is unmatched.

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