Data Clearing House for CDMA - ACCESS®

ACCESS is Your One-Stop CDMA Clearing House

Our ACCESS service makes it easy for roaming partners to manage their financial relationships, whether they are the visited or home operator. It serves as one centralized location for:

  • Exchanging billing data
  • Information on roaming customers and your financial position with your roaming partners
  • Revenue assurance by validating trading partner messages
  • Revenue recovery by providing a resubmit process for rejected records that failed routing and CIBER formatting edits
  • Reporting of inter- and intra-company data
  • Fraud prevention by identifying subscribers whose usage exceeds preset thresholds

ACCESSibility Puts Roaming Business Numbers at Your Fingertips

Complementing our powerful financial management service is our ACCESSibility service. This web-based reporting system, available through our Crossroads SM secure web portal, lets you view, print and download mobile data clearing and settlement reports from ACCESS data. It is a convenient data-retrieval system that allows you to:

  • Get basic or customized reports
  • Apply advanced scheduling and grouping capabilities to the reports
  • Accommodate unlimited, concurrent users
  • Utilize templates, targeted queries, charts and graphs to produce usable information
  • Produce market analyses about roaming partners

Discover New Control over Your Roaming Business

Managing your financial position with our versatile, secure tools means you can relax knowing that the right billing data is being captured, accurately processed and promptly communicated to roaming partners. Use our Analyzer tool to give you the customized and enhanced functionality you need to make intelligent decisions for your roaming business.

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