CRX Network Solution - INPack

Making Mobile IP Services More Convenient

INPackSM CRX is part of a suite of mobile solutions we offer mobile operators, Internet content providers and wireless application service providers (WASPs). This suite of integrated services bridges the technical and business gaps between mobile operators and Internet content providers, so subscribers worldwide can enjoy the benefits of convenient wireless IP services. INPackSM CRX is a secure network and uses the latest IP security methods, including IPSec and 3 DES encryption. In addition, INPackSM CRX offers:

  • Network access and transport for multiple traffic types
  • Network monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure service level agreements are met and/or exceeded
  • Virtual seamless integration with our industry-leading GRX network to enable interstandard data roaming
  • An integrated network capable of prioritizing and transporting AAA and bearer data
  • Online reporting tools
  • Support of mobile IP and simple IP data roaming

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