National Caller Name (CNAM) Service

Largest Repository of Caller Names in the U.S.

Syniverse understands that the traditional network CNAM model no longer meets the needs of today’s carriers, so a new mobile solution is needed. As a result, Syniverse has enhanced CNAM services by leveraging access to the largest and most accurate repository of caller names in the United States – more than 400 million unique names – from U.S. cable, VoIP, ILEC, CLEC and wireless operators. Syniverse’s CNAM service delivers:

  • A significantly lower-cost alternative to a traditional CNAM repository query while maintaining a high quality of service
  • Reduced costs and simplified operations via our service bureau solution
  • Faster fulfillment and enhanced reliability because we own and operate our own STPs and SCPs
  • Excellent customer service and 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week support before, during and after implementation

A Multifunctional National Service

The Syniverse national CNAM service has a unique data repository of caller names that relies on the U.S. public telephone network as well as on relationships with the nation’s competitive communications carriers, such as cable, VoIP and wireless operators. Its market-tested data repository has proven to be superior to network CNAM services across all CNAM criteria. Additional features include:

  • Exceptional coverage – consistently delivers useful information on 100 percent of wireline and wireless listings – compared to only 76.6 percent accuracy from network CNAM providers.
  • Proven accuracy – provides heightened customer satisfaction compared to network CNAM services because of its standardized displays of caller names and their abbreviations.
  • Predictable costs – built-in cost savings and technical simplicity over network CNAM delivery services enable us to offer flexible pricing options.

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