CDR Conversion & Rating Service - Event Manager

Free Up Your Conversion Resources

By allowing us to take over your CDR conversion-transfer process, you can:

  • Eliminate lost revenue for records rejected due to error
  • Reduce costs associated with reprocessing rejects
  • Benefit from an efficient, tightly controlled operational environment managed by a secure service bureau provider

Syniverse: Exceeding Your Expectations

Whether you are a CDMA/TDMA or GSM operator, you can send us both your home and roaming subscribers’ CDRs from your switch. With our flexible capabilities, you can delegate multiple billing needs, including the ability to:

  • Create and rate home subscriber billing records, and convert them into the right format for processing through your billing system
  • Create roamer billing records, convert them to CIBER, TAP, or proprietary formats, and send them to your partners
  • Negotiate compensation agreements based on service usage in addition to flat fees
  • Apply flexible wholesale rating parameters that cater to special rating requirements

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Mobile At Work

Importance of Wi-Fi and LTE

Mary Clark, SVP, Roaming, focuses on the importance of Wi-Fi, LTE and ways to enhance the end-user experience.


  • March 3, 2015

    Syniverse IPX surpasses 24M monthly LTE roamers - Mobile World Daily

  • Syniverse Highlights $46 Billion Opportunity Cost for Mobile Operators Due to Market Distractions

    Immediate retail roaming opportunities persist as industry focuses on newer innovations

    • $57 billion global roaming services market could grow by more than $30 billion in next three years if roaming pricing is proactively addressed
    • “Roam like home” deals put $16 billion at risk for large operators in U.S., the U.K. and Germany
    • In comparison, newer innovations such as IoT and wearables set to deliver approximately $3.3 billion to global operators

  • Syniverse to Demonstrate Value of Intelligent Mobile Experience Delivery at Mobile World Congress

    On-site events include keynote from Chief Marketing Officer and demonstration of new Wi-Fi network