CDMA Mobile Data Roaming

An Innovative Mix of Capabilities

This is a powerful mobile solution that can truly deliver a competitive edge by simplifying the complex, labor-intensive job of clearing and settling multiple business relationships. This service is comprised of elements that provide data access to customers who are roaming in other markets, and consolidate usage and financial information for easy billing. The elements include:

  • Our authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) broker service simplifies the management of multiple operator relationships and provides feeds for data billing, customer care and online analytical tools.
  • Data billing support accepts accounting records from the AAA broker service, converts them to an operator's specified formats, rates them based on applicable partner agreements, then outputs them to the Syniverse Data Clearing and Settlement Service or the providers' billing systems.
  • Data clearing and settlement, a central point for business partner transaction data, calculates settlements, validates records/messages, and provides data for daily and monthly reports in a user-friendly format.
  • Visibility® Services' unique roamer activity (URA) reporting provides an online window into real-time roaming data used to solve customer issues.

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