Advanced Messaging Hub

Offer Advanced Messaging Services and Generate Revenue

The Advanced Messaging Hub positions you to quickly and cost effectively launch IM services, including mobile instant messaging, mobile Internet, social networking, mobile VoIP and presence-based applications that are expected to promote revenue growth and subscriber loyalty. It also enables the exchange of active address book presence information and supports rich call and messaging capabilities. The Advanced Messaging Hub enables you to:

  • Host your own, unique IM community while providing subscribers access to their personal contacts on other IM services
  • Offer enhanced next generation messaging services that add value to your subscribers' mobile and increase ARPU
  • Receive subscriber loyalty as early adopters interact in real time in communities of common interest and develop greater ties to each others' address books
  • Build on the exchange of presence information with revenue-generating applications and incremental business relationships that take advantage of subscriber presence information such as availability, location and device type

A Universal Messaging Solution

The Advanced Messaging Hub offers interoperability among fixed and mobile operators across different protocols and technologies, simplifying your business and technical relationships and helping you provide maximum reach among messaging communities. With the Syniverse Advanced Messaging Hub, you also have:

  • The ability to provide data and messaging solutions that interconnect messaging communities while complementing voice services
  • Next generation messaging connectivity through SMS and MMS gateways to legacy subscribers and legacy operator networks
  • Centralized reporting and connectivity to the largest collection of interoperable IM communities through a single interface which decreases your operational burden

If you are ready to offer your subscribers a truly ubiquitous messaging service, turn to the Syniverse Advanced Messaging Hub – the industry's first and only true, trial-tested interconnected hub model and the only way to provide the complete 'go anywhere, do anything' messaging solution demanded by subscribers.

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