Advance Node Messaging

Innovative Approach to Messaging

Syniverse has introduced an innovative approach to handling messaging traffic that enables you to maximize message monetization through regulated connections and yield considerable savings with a new level of network security. With Syniverse Advance Node Messaging’s breakthrough technology, you can step beyond the customary point-to-point considerations that no longer meet the demands of today’s complex messaging market.

This solution simplifies management of connections to and from the operator, as well as core capabilities, through one centralized management point by:

  • Offloading management of your diverse types of SMS connections
  • Opening up access to the entire suite of Syniverse SMS services, reporting, settlement, new operator certification, routing table maintenance, homing of SMS traffic and spam detection/fraud control
  • Detecting and managing grey routes for SMS traffic

Pursue Broader Messaging Markets

Syniverse Advance Node Messaging enables you to pursue broader messaging markets as a result of our all-inclusive capabilities, including messaging, signaling, clearing and roaming. Other benefits include:

  • Cuts costs
  • Increases revenue
  • Drives savings

Features of include:

  • SMS direct and hub connection management
  • Advance Nodality
  • Open Connectivity (OC) service
  • Fraud, spam and spoof protection
  • Grey route detection and management
  • Financial settlement

Syniverse is leading the way in this new approach to message management. And by integrating our core capabilities in roaming, clearing and network services, combined with the core features of our Advance Node Messaging service, you can rely on our established leadership role in messaging to regain the revenue you deserve.

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Benefits of Advance Node Messaging

Chris Wright, Product Management Director, Messaging, speaks about the benefits of Advance Node Messaging, focusing on cost savings and the ability to collect additional revenue sources.