Mobile service providers can enable full voice and data connectivity as well as interoperability among various network types with Syniverse network solutions. With number portability, GRX/CRX/IPX, SS7 and real-time intelligence solutions at our core, Syniverse is the trusted partner of choice for moving to 4G.

Comprehensive network solutions that meet your needs.

Signaling & Transport

Enables mobile operators to provide roaming subscribers with access to their data networks across markets and technologies.

Real-Time Intelligence

Provides access to intelligent tools that can help mobile operators make transparent business decisions that optimize revenue and offer subscribers high-quality mobile experiences.

Database Solutions

Ensures calls are correctly screened and routed based on queries to our databases.

Number Portability

Allows mobile operators to meet any country’s number portability requirements with cost-efficient porting services, and to rest assured voice and data will be routed properly.


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  • October 16, 2014

    Mobile Retail Interview: Syniverse CMO - Mobile World Live

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    Syniverse Diameter Signaling Service simplifies process for adding bandwidth for increased LTE network usage

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    Multinational brands deploy mobile cloud solutions to optimize anytime, anywhere engagement