Social Media & Portals

Keep users connected 24x7x365.

Social Media & Portals

Allow users to fully embrace the web from their mobile devices, regardless of whether they are at their local shopping mall or halfway around the globe, by integrating mobile services from Syniverse.

  • Deliver the web content users demand anytime, anywhere
  • Access leading-edge mobile solutions through a single connection to Syniverse
  • Enjoy increased CPM by enabling advertisers to reach your audience in real time via the mobile channel

Addressing the Needs of Social Media Enterprises and Portals

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Mobile Ecosystem


It's time to view Mobile as the Ultimate Social Network
By Joe DiFonzo
Chief Information Officer
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How we make mobile work

How We Make Mobile Work
Syniverse sits in the center of the ever-expanding mobile ecosystem and makes mobile work anywhere, anytime.
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