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Mobile World Congress 2015
03.02.15 - 03.05.15
Barcelona, Spain

Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer, will speak in a session titled "Integrating Interactions with the Connected Consumer" on Monday, March 2 at 4 p.m. in Hall 4 Auditorium 4. See what Mary has to say and meet with our team of experts while you’re there. We’ll be discussing Intelligent Roaming, Complementary LTE Services, Fraud Protection, Revenue Assurance and Mobile Engagement. Our booth is located at 2G21 in Hall 2.

Dates Event Name Location Meet With Syniverse
03.02.15 - 03.05.15 Mobile World Congress 2015 Barcelona, Spain (Booth/Stand#: 2G21, Hall 2) Meeting Request
03.16.15 - 03.19.15 Wholesale Agreement & Solutions #1 Dubai, UAE Meeting Request
03.23.15 - 03.24.15 Mobile & Innovation in Travel N. America (Eye for Travel) San Francisco, CA Meeting Request
03.24.15 - 03.27.15 CCA Global Expo 2015 Atlanta, GA Meeting Request
03.24.15 - 03.27.15 Networking Event #1 Tokyo, Japan Meeting Request
04.20.15 - 04.21.15 GSMA TDS #60 Luxembourg Meeting Request
04.22.15 - 04.23.15 GSMA FCS #78 Luxembourg Meeting Request
05.10.15 - 05.13.15 ITW 2015 Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Meeting Request
05.12.15 - 05.15.15 GSMA NA #66 Saint Petersburg, FL., U.S. Meeting Request
05.18.15 - 05.19.15 GSMA WAGREE #5 Atlanta, GA., U.S. Meeting Request
05.20.15 - 05.21.15 GSMA WSOLU #5 Atlanta, GA., U.S. Meeting Request
06.03.15 - 06.04.15 GSMA IDS #79 Madrid, Spain Meeting Request

Upcoming Speaker

Mary Clark Mary Clark Chief Marketing Officer

Mobile World Congress
"Integrating Interactions with the Connected Consumer"
Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer
Monday, March 2, 4 p.m.
Barcelona, Spain
Hall 4 Auditorium 4

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On-Demand Webinar

Engaging the Connected Traveler with Omni-Channel Communications

If you weren’t able to attend our webinar “Engaging the Connected Traveler with Omni-Channel Communications” on June 25, access a replay here.

Expert speakers from Orbitz, WestJet and Syniverse shared unique insights on the value of an omni-channel strategy, and how travel and hospitality brands are leveraging mobile intelligence to better engage connected travelers.

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