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Event Description
BARG #84
10.20.14 - 10.23.14
Cancun, Mexico

Syniverse will host a room at BARG #84 for customer meetings. 

Additionally, MK Chang, Vice President, Advanced Signaling and Interoperability, will speak at the following sessions:

The LTE Panel Session
Wednesday, October 22

The Future of Roaming Experience
Thursday, October 23
3:20 p.m.

Dates Event Name Location Meet With Syniverse
10.20.14 - 10.23.14 BARG #84 Cancun, Mexico Meeting Request
11.04.14 - 11.07.14 IREG #67 Beijing, China Meeting Request
11.05.14 - 11.06.14 GSMA APFF #23 Bangkok, Thailand Meeting Request
11.11.14 - 11.13.14 AfricaCom Cape Town, South Africa (Booth/Stand#: P87) Meeting Request
11.11.14 - 11.12.14 GSMA TDS #58 Berne, Switzerland Meeting Request
11.12.14 - 11.13.14 GSMA FCSIG #75 Berne, Switzerland Meeting Request
11.18.14 - 11.20.14 LTE North America Dallas, Texas, U.S. Meeting Request
12.10.14 - 12.11.14 TADIG #78 Cyprus Meeting Request

On-Demand Webinar

Engaging the Connected Traveler with Omni-Channel Communications

If you weren’t able to attend our webinar “Engaging the Connected Traveler with Omni-Channel Communications” on June 25, access a replay here.

Expert speakers from Orbitz, WestJet and Syniverse shared unique insights on the value of an omni-channel strategy, and how travel and hospitality brands are leveraging mobile intelligence to better engage connected travelers.

Access the Replay

Upcoming Speaker

Mary Clark Mary Clark Chief Marketing Officer

Rutberg Wireless Influencers
Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer
Tuesday, October 21
11:00 a.m.
Chief Marketing Officer Mary Clark will join an esteemed group of senior executives on the Mobile + Retail Roundtable.

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