John Wick, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Transaction Services, discusses the latest developments with the innovative expansion of Syniverse’s Real-Time Intelligence platform and LTE.

Get the latest on the impact of LTE on roaming from Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer.

Katrina Cashman, Sr Product Marketing Director, Enterprise & Intelligence Solutions, speaks about the Syniverse lab, giving customers the opportunity to experience a connection to an IPX network and utilize the newest protocols for LTE.

Syniverse enables seamless LTE connectivity. Learn how to capitalize on 4G possibilities.

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  • Provide worldwide connectivity so end users have seamless access to all their services, regardless of your roaming partner’s network
  • Enhance consumer stickiness through a superior end-user experience
  • Drive operational efficiency by reducing equipment costs and infrastructure support

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  • Gain access to our full suite of 4G solutions
  • Deliver the seamless experience end users demand
  • Deliver optimized video and web
  • Provide reliability and robustness that translates to better QoE for end users

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  • Interwork with diverse messaging providers in 4G
  • Bridge RCS and legacy capabilities like SMS to deliver a seamless user experience
  • Maximize reach among messaging communities

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