Industry Participation

Syniverse believes that working in conjunction with others through industry organizations, associations, standards bodies and working groups provides the opportunity to be involved in the future growth of the global telecommunications industry and contribute in a positive way to the development of global technologies and policies.

Pradeep Bhardwaj, Director, Technology Program, speaks about Syniverse's commitment to industry organizations and customers and preparing for the evolution of LTE.
GSM Association: Regional Interest Groups
Asia Pacific / Latin America / North America
GSM Association: Working Groups/Taskforces/Projects
FASG – Fraud And Security Group / FCS – Financial Clearing and Settlement / GRXIPX – GRX IPX Working Party / GSER – GSMA Standardised Exchange Rates / IDS – Interoperability, Data specifications and Settlement / LTEGRQ – LTE Global Roaming Quality / NG – Networks Group / OSF – Operational Support Forum / PACKET – Packet Working Group / RAG – REVOLVER Ad-hoc Group / RCSVIG – RRCS VoLTE Interconnection Guidelines / RIFS – Roaming and Interconnect Fraud and Security – Co-Chair / RiLTE – Roaming and Interconnect (of application service) over LTE / SIGNAL – Signalling Working Party / TDS – Technical Data interchange Specifications – Chair / TFM2MBC – Task Force M2M Billing and Charging / WAGREE – Wholesale Agreements / WAS – Wholesale Agreements and Solutions / WSOLU – Wholesale Solutions / WWG – Web Working Group