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Who We Are
Syniverse makes mobile work for mobile operators, cable and Internet providers, and enterprises as well as M2M, VoIP and application service provider companies around the world. We make seamless communications between operators, technologies, devices and networks possible for mobile users around the globe. With unmatched expertise and more than 25 years simplifying the complexities of roaming, messaging and networking, Syniverse serves as the force at the center of the mobile communications universe, keeping people connected today and forging new connections for tomorrow. Nobody knows mobile solutions like Syniverse.

Key Executives Stephen Gray, President and Chief Executive Officer
Laura Binion, General Counsel and Senior Vice President
Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer
Alfred de Cárdenas, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Sales Officer
Joe DiFonzo, Chief Technology Officer
Leigh Hennen, Chief Human Resources Officer
David Hitchcock, Executive Vice President, Global Product Management and Development
Ed Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer
John McRae, Chief Information Officer
Bob Reich, Chief Financial Officer
John Wick, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Transaction Services

Global Headquarters Corporate Headquarters Regional Headquarters

Global Reach More than 1,500 mobile service providers and over 500 other companies in nearly 200 countries.

Employees More than 2,600 worldwide.

Service Areas Connected LTE – The Connected LTE portfolio brings together a range of Syniverse’s IPX,signaling, roaming, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) interconnect, real-time intelligence, and revenue management products in one solution, enabling operators to quickly and cost-effectively launch LTE and adapt it to their specific needs.

Intelligent Roaming – Intelligent Roaming provides operators with a complete range of real-time-intelligence capabilities to provide users with the highest quality of experience possible, real-time access to roaming usage information, and personalized service offers based on how users expect to access their mobile devices.

Mobile Engagement – The Mobile Engagement portfolio empowers companies to reach their connected customers and employees in the “mobile moment” with services that leverage multiple mobile channels, including voice calling, text messaging, push notification,email, and social media.

Mobile Protection – Mobile Protection helps both companies and operators combat the full range of today’s mobile fraud, using a patented analysis technology that works in combination with high-speed processing of event records, and a predictive analysis capability to enable the best collection of data and use of it to respond to particular patterns.

Mobile Reach – With the Mobile Reach portfolio, companies and mobile operators can take advantage of a comprehensive set of solutions designed to enable interconnectivity through text messaging, interoperability, number portability, signaling, and transport services among different network types.

Revenue Management – Revenue Management offers a suite of cloud-based applications designed to automate and optimize all the workflows required for operators to manage roaming and interconnect operations, while safeguarding the subscriber experience, expanding revenue, and containing costs.

Online Presence Website - www.syniverse.com
Twitter - www.twitter.com/syniverse
Facebook - www.facebook.com/syniverse.technologies
LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/company/syniverse

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