Case Studies

End-User Experience

Improving the End-User Experience with Syniverse Real-Time Intelligence

One of the largest wireless communications services providers in the United States faced a lack of visibility into its visited roaming networks to monitor and manage end-user experiences. To deliver the highest level of service for end users and also gain greater business intelligence to respond to end-user usage patterns, this provider needed a robust monitoring solution that would ensure the highest-quality roaming experience. Read More

Enhance Customer Service and Expand Roaming Offering

Syniverse Data Roaming Packs Enhance Customer Service and Expand Roaming Offerings

A major mobile services provider in Latin America sought to provide a wider range of roaming offerings in its competitive and rapidly growing home market. The company had two objectives. First, it wanted to improve customer satisfaction and retention. At the same time, the company was looking to attract new subscribers with enhanced roaming packages encompassing voice, data and free Wi-Fi roaming while also removing the fear of bill shock. Read More

Enterprise Messaging Service

Syniverse Enterprise Messaging Service Provides Foundation for New Corporate Channel

One of the largest mobile service providers in the United States was looking for a solution to address its enterprise customers’ need for an alternative method to get urgent communications to their customers and employees. Its enterprise customers needed a method that could bypass the latency of email and offer something quicker and less direct than phone calls. Specifically, these customers sought a method that could provide a simple, automated and reliable method that would complement rather than compete with the more traditional channels of email and phone calls. At the same time, the mobile service provider was interested in developing new services with economies of scale that would help it to build stronger relationships and open new revenue streams with its enterprise customers. Read More

Fraud Management

Syniverse Fraud Management Provides Comprehensive Protection Solution for Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom needed to reduce its exposure to fraud by decreasing the window of opportunity for fraud attacks. Because fraud protection is a time game – the quicker it's detected, the more money that can be saved -- advanced signaling analysis technology, in combination with high-speed processing of event data records, was needed to ensure that Deutsche Telekom would be alerted to suspicious activity almost as soon as it happened. The accuracy of fraud monitoring was also essential, with a need for reliable and rapid detection that would minimize the resources deployed to deal with false alarms. Moreover, a system was needed that would be compatible with operational process requirements as it was important that the system could integrate with existing workflows and business practices. Finally, the system needed to meet corporate security, quality and data privacy requirements, and provide cost-of-ownership benefits as far as hardware costs, system administration and application costs. Read More

Interconnect Billing Solution

Interconnect Services Solution Provides Comprehensive Management Solution for Tango

Tango, a leading mobile network operator in Luxembourg, needed to refocus its resources on its core business and customer requirements. In particular, Tango was challenged by the high cost of ownership of in-house interconnect billing software and the resources allocated to the system. While the growing complexity of interconnection and content settlement markets have been putting increasing pressure on resources and costs for operators, new technology options, using cloud and SaaS provide the promise of new lower-cost solutions. Consequently, Tango sought a comprehensive interconnect billing solution to enhance its service quality, improve efficiency and manage costs. Read More

Managing Mobile Data Usage

Managing Mobile Data Usage with Syniverse Bill Shock Prevention

A local telecommunications service provider in one of the biggest states in the United States needed a solution for a growing roaming-abuse problem. As a result of explosive growth, this provider faced the threat of increasing subscriber “bill shock,” declining roaming revenue, and greater subscriber dissatisfaction and churn. For these reasons, the provider needed a solution that could automatically generate a wide range of alerts to help it manage data roaming usage for a large subscriber base. Read More

Messaging Trust Defeats Spam 'Army Attacks'

Messaging Trust Defeats Spam ‘Army Attacks’

One of the largest mobile service providers in the United States faced a growing number of spam "army attacks" across its text messaging network. These sophisticated attacks use a disciplined system of “soldier” and “commander” nodes that coordinate massive spam distribution without directly communicating with each other, thereby largely avoiding detection. As a result of these attacks, the provider’s end users were becoming victims of financial fraud while the provider was suffering increased bandwidth strain and heightened customer dissatisfaction. However, in combating this spam, the provider faced the challenge that since a majority of messaging traffic is legitimate, a highly accurate content analysis and filtering system would be required to remove spam but at the same time ensure reliable delivery of legitimate messages. Read More

Mobile Banking Services with SMS

Expanding Mobile Banking Services with SMS

One of the largest multinational financial institutions in the United States wanted to launch mobile banking services to the more than 40,000 small and mid-sized businesses it serves in India, and it turned to Syniverse to expand its customer engagement with SMS. With the rapid growth of mobile phone penetration in the country coupled with low penetration for fixed Internet access and home PCs, India is a market in which consumers are increasingly demanding more services to be delivered through their mobile devices. Read More

Mobile Campaign Service

Extending a Brand with Syniverse Mobile Campaign Service

As a global financial services company was planning to televise one of its largest charity events of the year, it was missing a branding opportunity: A fun and interactive way to keep viewers engaged and promote its brand in tandem with its corporate giving campaign. In particular, the Mobile Campaign Service provided a scalable platform to allow viewer participation, and a customized solution that could be fine-tuned up to the last minute before going live. In exploring its mobile options, the company turned to Syniverse, which evaluated the needs and proposed a text messaging campaign. The campaign would start during the broadcast of the charity event, and mobile users would be able to send a text message over an eight-hour period and have a charity donation made on their behalf by the company as well as be entered for a chance to win a singular showpiece from the event as a special prize. The solution would provide a powerful promotion of the company’s brand through a universal mobile medium that almost anyone would be able to access. However, the solution would need to be able to be quickly deployed, and it would need to accurately tabulate thousands of text messages coming from multiple mobile service providers. Read More

Optimize Roaming Business

Syniverse Clearing and Settlement Services Help Swisscom Optimize Roaming Business

Swisscom, one of Switzerland's leading telecommunication providers, needed a solution for reducing the complexity and cost of managing its multiple inter-operator tariffs as well as all its data clearing and financial clearing. The management of financial clearing and settlement presented a particular challenge. While Swisscom could enact net settlement with individual partners, considerable capital funding still had to be made available for settlement each month. Consequently, Swisscom required a solution that would allow it to reach complete settlement much more efficiently while freeing up capital within the business. Moreover, Swisscom needed a solution that would augment its existing fraud protection and revenue assurance procedures by providing a view of subscriber activity when these subscribers roamed on a visited network. This would enable a compete view of all relevant call and data sessions, providing the ability to identify fraudulent behavior much more quickly. Read More

Optimizing Efficiency of Roaming Agreements

Syniverse Managed Services Solution Optimizes Efficiency of Roaming Agreements

A large North American operator faced increasing complexity in dealing with a multitude of roaming agreements. The sheer number of agreements and the unique pricing and service specifications set for each prevented efficient financial management and revenue growth. To streamline its operations and realize a greater return from its roaming agreements, the operator needed a solution that could be flexibly and cost-efficiently deployed as well as a specialist to help implement it. Read More

Real-Time Revenue Leakage Detection

Syniverse Provides Real-Time Revenue Leakage Detection for T-Mobile

T-Mobile Austria needed a revenue assurance solution that offered real-time leakage detection. While the ability for real-time billing was important, the accuracy of that billing was even more vital, as the company found that inaccurate data had the potential to lead to lost revenues and unhappy customers. Thus, it was imperative for the operator to get an integrated view that would provide a snapshot of the quality of its entire billing process. Moreover, T-Mobile needed to be able to combine data with real-time analytics, requiring complex data analysis techniques and the tools to consolidate and manage its data more effectively. Consequently, not only did the company need a revenue assurance solution with a large data-handling capability, it also required the architecture to be able to support data analysis in near real-time. Read More

Roaming Services Upgraded with Managed Services Solution

Syniverse Leads Completion of Roaming Services Upgrade with Managed Services Solution

One of the largest group operators in Latin America needed to complete a massive roaming services upgrade in just a six-month window. The upgrade would provide a significant improvement in customer service, enhancement of revenue, and reduction in operating expenses, but the project entailed over 100 separate services. Consequently, the operator needed to assemble a team of highly specialized experts that could handle the many different areas of complexity in this project. At the same time, though, it needed to accomplish this without taking on the high costs of internally creating a team and pulling away key employees from their primary roles. Read More

Syniverse Real-Time Intelligence Solution

Providing a Platform for the Future with Syniverse Real-Time Intelligence, Network and Roaming Solutions

One of the world’s largest telecommunications service providers sought a foundation for the future to transition its network in China to 4G and LTE. With more than 900 million mobile subscribers, China is the world’s largest mobile market, and with the country expected to account for 25 percent of all smartphone shipments by 2012, China is poised to overtake the United States as the world’s largest smartphone market. Read More

Syniverse Wi-Fi Clearing Solution

Paving the Way for Standardized Financial Transactions with Syniverse Wi-Fi Clearing Solution

One of the world’s leading telecommunications operators needed a way to provide a more reliable and efficient process to exchange billing data over wireless local area networks (WLAN). However, a lack of standards for the exchange of billing data had limited the attractiveness of public WLAN for mobile operators. When the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) created the Wireless Roaming Intermediary Exchange (WRIX) standard in 2006, it took a major step toward resolving this. Following the development of this standard, the mobile operator sought a solution that would enable it to take advantage of the latest developments in WRIX. Read More

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